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SPX2016!!! **I was there! Table B11B!**

First off, I made a short video about the HERO MACHINE: SEE IT HERE!

Well, ok, so I uploaded that kind of late. Like two days before #SPX2016. But still, I did it. Drove to SPX on Saturday - this was my first one - I had no idea what to expect and BLAMMO:

It was amazing! I had great neighbors, there were TONS of kids, and the drawings they made, I mean look at these:

**I have now added a new section - featuring some of the GREAT work the kids out there have been doing! Amazing hero Machine creations! Just navigate to DRAWINGS inspired by the Hero Machine. Oh and also, before I forget, SPX was cool because I met up with one of my favorite KIDS/COMICS bloggers, Brigid Alverson:

Overall, an amazing experience. I mean, SPX lives up to the hype. Hope I can go back next year, fully loaded.

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